Tuesday 10 - Friday 13 September 2013
Wrexham, North Wales, UK

Fifth International Conference on Internet Technologies & Applications

Workshops & Expo


ITA 13 will include the following full-day workshop sessions, which will take place on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th September:

The first International workshop on Technologies for Health and Wellness (THAW)

The International Workshop on Emergency Telecommunications Systems (ETS 2013)

EERT 2013 – 3rd International Workshop on Energy Efficient and Reconfigurable Transceivers (EERT): Towards a Green Wireless Internet

ACES Workshop on Challenges in Electromagnetic Simulation: Supported by the Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society (ACES)

The first Art Expo 


Each workshop is charged at a rate of £100.00, but ITA'13 full delegates are entitled to free entry.

Further Workshop proposals (closed)

Prospective organisers are invited to propose workshops for special consideration at ITA 13. These will effectively be self-contained sub-conferences under the main ITA 13 umbrella. Workshop organisers will be responsible for the organisation (call-for-papers, paper submission, review and selection) of a self-contained workshop conference of either half-day or full-day duration on a key topic in Internet technologies or applications. A link from the main conference website can be provided to details of the workshop as provided by the organiser. Organisers of successful workshops (i.e. those approved by the programme committee and accepting sufficient papers) will be exempt from the conference fee (although we cannot help with travel, accommodation expenses, etc.).

Prospective workshop organisers should contact the conference chair or programme chair with details of:

Workshop title

A single sentence

A summary of the topic

Two or three paragraphs, including details of the expected scope of the call for papers and a link to the main workshop website. Details must include a call-for-papers and a list of committee members/reviewers. This is to be maintained externally from the main ITA 11 site, as will the paper submission and review process.

Workshop duration

Half-day or full-day?

A brief biography of the organiser

One to two paragraphs. Clearly, we expect workshop organisers to be eminent in their field.